July 3, 2011

Old Gippstown Cataloguers

Happy Cataloguing New Year

Not only is it the start of the New Financial Year, it is also a time whereby the Collection Management Team stops and takes stock of its stats.

But first, here is one of the photographs that we have catalogued recently - babies are a bit on our minds.


We would like to think this is a first photograph of Dr J.M.Andrew of Yallourn - but we are not quite sure. But we do like the pram.

Now to the serious stuff - the stats.

Last year, at this time, we had 7763 items in our catalogue. This year we have 8361, an increase of 598. Of those items, 5274 have a photograph attached to the record. Overall pretty jolly good. We have a team of eight specialists - five who catalogue, a specialist curator, a specialist photographer and a very specialist logistics. We could not survive without logistics! Plus a couple of "associates" like Rob and Glenn, who we almost count as ours.

Well done, Team.

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