July 13, 2011

Connecting:// Arts Audiences Online

On 5 July arts organisations came together at the Patrick White Room to find out how audiences are engaging with the arts online.

The presentation featured research findings, best practice case studies and highlighted some of the new resources. The research findings were often surprising and began by looking at the 6 stages of uses of internet. They were:

     * Awareness- audiences became aware of the event online.
     * Research- audiences then researched the event online to decide whether or not it interested them.
     * Booking- they booked/purchased tickets online.
     * Planning- they planned other things to do around the event for example organising dinner/drinks.
     * During the event- they communicated online during the event using mobile devices.
     * Sharing- after the event they shared their experiences on twitter, facebook and other sharing sites.

These findings supplied endless opportunities for arts organisations to 'connect the dots' between real and virtual experiences. They also confirmed that making innovative use of online experiences assited in gaining arts organisations attention, it helped encourage recommendation through use of 'word of mouth', enriching educational experiences; particularly regarding access to information both during the experience and after, and offered opportunity for one on one personalised engagement. It also highligted the importance of making it easy to access information and share online, particularly for younger generations who are more likely to embrace new technology to enhance their own experience.  

Further Information: http://connectarts.australiacouncil.gov.au/

Source:  Museums & Galleries NSW - Alert!

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