February 14, 2014

History Week 6 – 14 September 2014 – The Great War

It was to be “the war that will end war” as H.G. Wells commented in August 1914. From the heights of hope to the horror of the trenches, the Great War changed the world irrevocably. It separated families and lovers, turned young men into soldiers and young women into nurses, converted friends and neighbours into enemies. The unusual circumstances of warfare intervened with each aspect of life. In which ways did the conduct of war shape, change and inform those fighting and those remaining on the home front? How have historians approached complex topics surrounding it, such as the scale of violence, women’s involvement in war, forced migration? What impact did the Great War have on the cultural memory of those involved – allies and enemies? In the aftermath of 1915 Australians elevated the Gallipoli landing into a foundation story, which claims that the nation was born on this battlefield, but there are more layers of remembrance yet to be uncovered and examined. History Week 2014 will explore the impact of World War One abroad and at home.
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February 13, 2014

M & G NSW - Museum security fact sheet

Museum security fact sheet

Museum thefts occur all too frequently, yet are rarely spoken about. The majority of large thefts occur when the museum is closed, but the theft of smaller objects such as jewellery, coins and medals, can easily occur during opening hours.

February 9, 2014

"Boree Cabonne" - The "Run", the History, the Mansion, the Legacy

 Orange and District Historical Society

"Boree Cabonne" homestead at Orange 2012.

You are cordially invited to our first history alive event of 2014 
BOREE CABONNE-The" Run", the History, the Mansion, the Legacy

Most people will know of the Boree Cabonne mansion just before the Mitchell monument on the way to Cudal, Manildra and Forbes. Sadly, the house and property are now up for sale after 157 years and six generations of occupation by the same family. It is to be hoped that the new owners will be able to give it the same tender loving care as has been given over the years by the Smiths, Mac Smiths and McGeochs.

Claims over land in this area by WC Wentworth and Captain Thomas Raine go back to the 1820s, well before Orange was even thought of. Ownership has passed through the hands of the Hood Family before it came into the possession of John Smith and his descendants from 1847.
Next Wednesday Orange and District Historical Society will hold a History Alive meeting to highlight the wonderful history of the Boree run, and in particular Boree Cabonne. This in so many ways tells the story of land claims and settlement in the Central West, giving us the pattern of land ownership that we now have.

We have three excellent speakers for the night:

Dorothy Balcomb, a retired teacher, author and foundation president and honorary historian for the Canowindra and District Historical Society, will speak on early claimants and landholders of the Central West and the nature of licences, grants and titles as they changed over the years.

Russell Moor, author and foundation member and currently president of the Marsden History Centre, will speak on the role of John Smith and Boree Cabonne in the spread of bloodlines from the Reverend Samuel Marsden's original flock, which formed the basis of nearly 80 per cent of the current Merino bloodlines in eastern Australia. He will also speak about the original woolshed, which was one of the first in the district.

Historian and librarian Julie Sykes will speak about the history and features of the Boree Cabonne homestead, with help from the current owners Tina and Andy McGeoch, who because of business commitments, could not be present to give a talk themselves. A wonderful and comprehensive booklet that they themselves prepared will be on sale at $8, with profits being donated to the society.
The meeting will take place at Orange Senior Citizens Centre (entry from Woolworths car park) on Wednesday, February 12 at 7 for 7.30pm.

There is a small charge of $3 for members of Orange and District Historical Society and $5 for non-members, to cover costs. Light refreshments will be served.

If you have any inquiries or would like to attend the meeting, please RSVP to Julie Sykes on 6362-1682, or Phil Stevenson on 0402 412 188 (email: ibiswines@bigpond.com