July 11, 2011

"Heritage listing explained - what it means for you"

Hi networkers,

Please click the following link to see the newly updated online publication "Heritage Listing Explained - What it means for you":


Or download "Heritage Listing Explained" from the Publications or Listings pages on the Heritage Branch website: www.heritage.nsw.gov.au

What's new...

Compared to its first publication late last year, changes in this 2011 update include:

* a new name to make it easier to find when searching online; and
* replacing the 343 George Street photos (thanks to Margaret from City of Sydney, Graham Brooks and Associates and Burberry for the photos).

This publication replaces the 10 year old Heritage Office "Benefits of heritage listing" brochure, which has now been removed from the website to avoid confusion. Note that this new publication is not only an Heritage Office/Branch production like the older one, but has also been endorsed by the Heritage Council of NSW.

What it's about...

This short publication describes the effects and benefits of heritage listing in NSW in plain language to help community understanding. It has been produced especially for use by owners and local councils. Both local and state statutory listing are covered by the same publication so it applies across NSW. Demystifying listing in this way aims to establish reasonable expectations, perceptions and support from owners, and thereby the wider community.

It goes beyond the usual heritage listing subject matter. The findings from studies on economic effects, sustainability, and practical tips for changing heritage places are all covered. The myths and facts table at the end responds to the common misunderstandings and fears about listing.

As distinct from a technical guide about the listing process and principles (aka the Heritage Manual), this publication concentrates on commonly asked questions from owners or people outside the heritage profession. While it is endorsed as a Heritage Council of NSW publication, this publication has no impact on heritage practice in terms of changing or directing the listing/approvals process and principles. For these, continue to use the relevant technical material and guides: Heritage Council's "Assessing Heritage Significance", ICOMOS Burra Charter, Council's local environmental plans and development control plans, and the Heritage and EP&A Acts.

Illustrations are used to showcase adaptations (from available photographs) and reinforce the message that listing does not prevent change. It's a pity I couldn't use a larger diversity of adaptation examples, but I did give you all the chance! You can upload your pics for consideration for future publications at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nswheritage/

Free for you to circulate...

Please feel free to use and distribute this publication, preferably using the above web link instead of a printed copy or email attachment, where possible. This will make sure you access the latest version. It will also help with my goal to get this publication - and it's positive, hopefully clear, messages - to the top of the google hits for online searches about listing...

Kind regards,

Claudine Loffi
Heritage Officer
NSW heritage advisors network moderator
Office of Environment and Heritage
Department of Premier and Cabinet

Locked Bag 5020 Parramatta NSW 2124
3 Marist Place Parramatta
T: 9873 8590
F: 9873 8599

Source:  Email from Claudine Loffi

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