July 24, 2013

Regional Museum Networking Grants

& Galleries

Regional Museum Networking Grants fund one off projects that aim to enhance and develop networking relationships between regional volunteer managed museums and other key stakeholders. The project must include at least five volunteer managed museums.

It can be spread over 12 months and may involve partnerships with professionally managed museums, Regional Arts Development Officers and Regional Tourism Officers. Ideally, the project should lead to increased public access to collections, either real or virtual, through the identification of new or existing material for interpreting local themes. 

Closing: Friday 16 August 2013

Regional Museum Networking Grant Guidelines

If you are interested please email or call:

Tamara Lavrencic
Museum Programs and Collections Manager
TamaraL@mgnsw.org.au or 02 9339 9908 

This is an Arts NSW devolved funding program, administered by Museums & Galleries NSW on behalf of the NSW Government.

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