July 3, 2013

Ben Hall Raid Weekend Festival - July 2013 Newsletter


Welcome to the fifth e-newsletter in the series in the lead-up to the 150th Anniversary of the Ben Hall Raid on Bathurst which took place on Saturday 3rd October, 1863. The e-newsletters seem to be getting quite a following. 

It is pleasing to have noted Ben Hall history buff, writer and collector, Mark Thurtell, attending and bringing his magnificent display of Ben Hall relics and memorabilia to exhibit in Bathurst on Saturday 28th September.

The Ben Hall committee of the Bathurst District Historical Society have been meeting weekly of late and organising an impressive number of historic displays, talks, tours, a dinner and numerous activities which will take place during the three day festival and information on these activities will appear in various issues as details are confirmed. 

Alan McRae, FAIHA, President Bathurst District Historical Society 

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