May 30, 2013

Molong Portrait Gallery

“Lest We Forget”
 Molong RSL Club, 22-24 Riddell Street, Molong NSW 2866
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April, 2013

Dear Friends,

As many of you would know, the Portrait Gallery has five new portraits, unveiled last year on Australia Day. The portraits are of Albert Victor Ball AIF WW1, unveiled by Mrs Patricia Troth (a relative), Colin Cloudesley Betts RAAF WW2, unveiled by his brother Mr Douglas Betts, Herbert Alfred Cassidy Died POW WW2, unveiled by his nephew Mr Bill Foy, Darcy Coombs AIF WW2, unveiled by his son Graham and Roy George McKenzie AIF WW2, unveiled by Mrs Vonnie McKenzie. Anne Marie is planning to paint five more portraits to virtually complete the collection, and all going well, these will be unveiled in November, 2013. We will provide details later in the year.

Mrs Mary Mulhall, of the RSL Club’s Board, applied for a Tourism Grant but the application was unsuccessful, but she has completed another application, so here’s hoping! The Club has been extremely supportive with promotion and advertising and we really appreciate the effort its Board, Staff and Members have provided for the Gallery and we hope that the Gallery’s presence helps the Club. Please support the Club when you can.

When we asked for technical assistance several years ago, Mrs Lina Moffitt offered to create the web site, and produced an excellent one for us. Last year, Andrew Guimelli assisted with updating the site, and we thank both Lina and Andrew for all their assistance. Our web site, listed above, has been updated to include these latest portraits. Do have a look at it and mention it to family and friends.

To assist when there are visitors and functions associated with the Gallery, we would like to have a list of helpers who can be contacted (by phone or email), preferably one from each family represented in the Gallery. If it is possible, could you please let us know if you and your family can help? Also, we would be grateful if you could update your address/ email details, if necessary.

Two primary classes, one from Molong Central School and one from St Josephs, visited the Gallery with their teachers, viewing the portraits, and listening to talks by Miss Faye Clark, Mr Ted Hubbard and Mrs Gladys Hubbard and Mr Bob Adams. The students chose their favourite portrait and have been researching the person in that portrait. They have painted a portrait, with judging by Kerry Nichols on 17 April, and display at the RSL Club until after Anzac Day. First Prizes to Sam Woodhouse and Jett Fraser for portraits of Robert Adams, Second Prizes to Liam Fraser (portrait of Esric R.“Bob” Dowling) and “Highly Commended” to Morgan Meehan (portrait of Clive Reynolds), Hannah Betts (portrait of Ethel Harding), Henrietta Pottie (portrait of William Matthews), Amy Fulwood(portrait of EG “Ted” Hubbard), Alex Davis(portrait of James Lee), AaliyahWright (portrait of Gordon Chrystall).

Please try to visit the Club to see all the entries. We hope that the students will become involved and benefit from this experience, with an appreciation of the sacrifice made by our servicemen and women. This was one of Anne Marie’s aims when she conceived the Portrait Gallery.

With best wishes,
Anne Marie & Helen.

Contact: Anne Marie Ingham (02 6366 8113) & Helen Haynes (02 6360 4114)

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