May 26, 2013


This paper has previously appeared in Issue 3 of The Blue Mountains History Journal, a publication of the Blue Mountains Association of Cultural Heritage Organisations Inc

"This paper is by Andy Macqueen, a well-known Blue Mountains author who has contributed a most thoughtful paper on the meaning of the term ‘Blue Mountains’. Aided by a generous collection of maps he demonstrates that the term means different things to different people. Thus to some the Blue Mountains extend north-south from the Hunter Valley to Picton and east-west from Emu Plains to Jenolan and that latter parameter raises the issue of whether the Blue Mountains should include rocks older than Permian and whether part of the Great Dividing Range should be accepted as being within the area. Andy makes it quite clear that there is no unique definition that is acceptable to all. This scholarly work will for many years undoubtedly be the definitive account of the topic." (Dr Peter C. Rickwood)

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