January 27, 2013

Commemorating the 1813 First Crossing of the Blue Mountains

(Tablet on Mount Blaxland, RAHS Collection)
The RAHS Makes History: Commemorating the 1813 First Crossing of the Blue Mountains

Presented by Dr Siobhan Lavelle OAM - Wednesday 3 April 2013              

The talk will examine the role of monuments in demonstrating, interpreting and understanding an historic past. The Blue Mountains west of Sydney (NSW) have played a particular role in the white settlement of Australia. Few areas have been so heavily inscribed figuratively and materially by European travellers, settlers, and their descendants. The sites examined in this talk are linked to an early and significant triumphal historic narrative, that of the “First Crossing” of the Blue Mountains by European explorers in 1813.

The presentation will deal in detail with some specific sites from the overall set. What these sites have in common is that they all involved people from the RAHS. The identification and uses of the sites which are celebrated for their presumed links to an heroic past, can lead to debates at many
levels, in particular the intersection of professional or academic histories and perceptions against an independent and popular history or folklore; the dilemma of the romantic and nostalgic against the (presumed) more professional, rational and scientific. With the First crossing Bicentenary occurring in May 2013, this account of earlier commemorative efforts has special interest.

Date:     Wednesday 3 April 2013
Where:   History House
Time:     1.00pm - 2.00pm
Cost:      Free event
Contact: Bookings essential ph. 9247 8001  

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