January 30, 2013

Bathurst District Historical Society - Newsletter Jan/Mar 2013


Welcome to another year! 2013 will be a special year not only for the members of the Bathurst District Historical Society but all the residents of Bathurst.

The members of the Bathurst District Historical Society, along with a number of invited guests, gathered at the Society’s Museum in Russell Street to join in the annual Christmas Party and get together. The function was held in the court yard with an excellent attendance. Rex Morgan, our Society’s patron, and his wife Mary joined us. Beryl Rutherford, Life Member of the Bathurst District Historical Society was called upon to cut the Christmas cake this year.

We have a very exciting 2013 program as there is something extra planned for almost every month. The first bus trip will be along Cox’s Road visiting the various sections of importance from Phil’s Falls back into Bathurst. This will take place on Sunday 3rd March so book now. Other trips are in the planning stages.

Old Government Cottage at 16 Stanley Street continues to draw visitors each Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm since it was reopened in June last year. The serving of Devonshire Teas is proving popular. Major plans are afoot for the complete renovation of the OGC garden, with Spencer Harvey and the Bathurst Garden Club a driving force in the planning and execution. The plans look impressive and we are really looking forward to a wonderful collaborative result.

Our Twilight Picnic from 5pm on Sunday 3rd February at Old Government Cottage is going to be a great evening. The garden is looking respectable making it the perfect venue for the event. Details further on in this newsletter.

Thanks again to our great team of enthusiastic volunteers and without them we could not open the Museum in Russell Street and Old Government Cottage at 16 Stanley Street. The Society is always on the lookout for more volunteers to expand operations.

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