October 1, 2012

Sculpture in and around Rylstone-Kandos


The long-term goal of the Rylstone Sculptures Inc is to oversee multiple and diverse installations of permanent and site-specific of sculpture along the banks of the Cudgegong River at Rylstone and in and around the environs of Rylstone and Kandos. An already existing footpath winds it way along part of the riverbank, and passes through part of the iconic Rylstone Showground. Works of the highest artistic calibre will be sought to enrich the towns to create an exciting collection of sculpture for the region. The collection will understandably be assembled over many years; it should become a long term element of the culture of Rylstone and Kandos

To bring attention to this goal, and to stimulate community appreciation for public sculpture, an exhibition of sculptural works will again be displayed over two days at the annual Rylstone-Kandos Agricultural Show, on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of February 2013 at Rylstone Showground. The Agricultural Show attracts more than 3000 visitors.

The 2012 SCULPTURES ON THE HILL was enthusiastically received. Kent Buchanan Curator of Dubbo Cultural Centre opened the exhibition with some thoughts about what he thinks he learnt by growing up the country (in his case Dubbo).  “Living in the country taught me how to hunt, I had to explore and find the things I was interested in”. Over time he came to realise that ‘Living in the country’ gives artists the opportunity to be both connected to the land and to express emotion in their physical work; so that they can be an intersection of understanding.

Art offers the opportunity for reflection. A Gallery or Museum is a shelter from commerce, a space outside of the normal world in which we can stop and ruminate on beauty, ideas, feelings without an outside agenda; it is just you and the artwork. Similarly it creates conversations; dialogue between opposites and similar”. In this way a healthy balance is created that nourishes the sense of self.
Sculptures on The Hill is as much an expression of this as any bricks and mortar gallery and demonstrates “the care and love for the built environment is evident and is an acknowledgment of the continuation of culture and heritage breathing life into the soul of Rylstone.”

See http://www.rylstonesculptures.wordpress.com/

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