October 16, 2012

Fabric Conservation Workshop, conducted by CTC MA(NSW)

All attention being paid to a testing to decide on what fabric the thread came from
Photo: CTC MA(NSW) collection

Kay Söderlund conducted a very interesting and informative work shop on basic fabric conservation The workshop was funded by a Skills Initiative grant of $1350 from Museums and Galleries NSW.

Ten members of the Central Tablelands Chapter had a good day, learning much about objects that they brought for assessment. They ranged from early Victorian lace objects to modern doilies.

The  highlight was the lovely Victorian small umbrella  from Mudgee Museum. Little was known about this dainty sun umbrella and it had not been opened  for a long time as there was damage and splitting along the ribs.

Kay, as very concerned people watched, skilfully opened and supported  this delicate object. It was revealed that it had an accession tag inside the umbrella. After testing the fabric that was thought to be silk was found to  be  fine polished cotton, the fringing was silk.

Ref: Report by Elaine Kaldy

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