April 10, 2011

Tykes On The Hill - Successful book launch

A large crowd gathered at the Kandos Museum on Thursday (appropriately St Patrick's Day) for the book launch of Tykes on the Hill by local author Pam O'Connor, writing under the pseudonym of Kay Andos. The book is an excellent pictorial reference of the Sisters of Mercy - the Good Samaritan Sister, the local priests and congregation of the Catholic Church and Convent that played such an important role in the lives of the people of Kandos. In launching the the book, Esme Martens explained that up until 1922 there was no church and no school in Kandos. St Dominic's Church and school were then built and this was followed by the convent in 1930. The author explains in the book how the title came about.
"I first saw "Tykes on the Hill" scrawled in a wet recently laid cement path at St Dominic's School in the 1950's when a boy who attended the school received a sixer for writing the words in the path"
The book is available at the Kandos Museum for $40 and is expected to be much sought after by locals and visitors - Catholic and non-Catholic alike. 

Ref: Community Capers, April issue, 2011

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