April 12, 2014

Moment in Time II by the Western Crossings Trust

Information Release


The Western Crossings Trust celebrates the Bicentenary of the Building of Cox’s Bathurst Road

 The Hartley District Progress Association as Trustee of the Western Crossings Trust, today announced its intention to mark the bicentenary of the building of Cox’s Road through the launch of  it’s exhibition ‘A Moment in Time II’ and by conducting an enhanced series of guided walks on Cox’s 1814 road. Some three thousand visitors attended the Trust’s 2013 projects , many,  who were  disappointed by the short run of the  2013 program, have already pre booked for this year’s events.
A Moment in Time II will be open at the Historic Hartley Schoolhouse in Hartley, 10am-4pm on weekends from Saturday 13th September to Sunday 12th October and by appointment, for large groups, on any week day in that period.
Cox’s Road walks will be conducted on Sunday 14th September, Sunday 21st September, Thursday 2nd October, Saturday 4th October Sunday 12th October; with bookings accepted for large parties on any day between 14th September and 12th October.
The exhibition  ‘A Moment in Time’, curated by professional historian Joan Kent, captures what existed before and what came shortly after the 1813 crossing of the Blue Mountains by Europeans. It begins with a consideration of the rich and ancient geology of the landscape into which the explorers intruded, before exploring many aspects of the crossing story from the indigenous peoples whose country was being traversed, through the explorers, the road building and early settlement west of the Blue Mountains. ‘A Moment in Time II’ builds on the original exhibition drawing widely on  contemporary  Cox’s Road research to present a comprehensive vision of ‘the road’.

Photo:  Her Excellency  Professor Marie Bashir Governor of New South Wales with her Aide examining an exhibit after opening  ‘A Moment in Time’s’ 2013 season.

The Cox’s Road walks, run in conjunction with the exhibition, represent a unique opportunity to walk some of the country traversed by Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth 1813, Evans 1813-14, Cox 1814-15 and Macquarie 1815. Led by informed local guides, these walks offer a great opportunity to learn about the early traverses, the rich colonial heritage of the Hartley Valley and the array of heritage assets the valley harbours.

 Photo: A guide briefing Cox’s Road walkers before  the group commences the descent into Palmers Gully and the transit across the Hartley Valley to Glenroy the site of Macquarie’s 1815 camp

Bookings for walks and arranged openings of the exhibition will be taken from 1st August. Early enquiries and pre bookings can be addressed to Barbara Johnson on 0458 552 017.
For  further information contact
Tom Kent President Hartley District Progress Association
Phone (02) 6355 2393
Email: joantomkent@bigpond.com
Or Ramsay Moodie Treasurer Hartley District Progress Association
Phone (02) 6355 2259, 02 9983 0134
Email: ramsay.moodie@bigpond.com
The Western Crossings Trust  ABN 15 619 040 503  is a charitable entity that was established by the Hartley District Progress Association as a vehicle to promote consideration and reflection on the consequences, of the crossing of the Blue Mountains by Europeans in 1813 and to promote the heritage values of the Hartley Valley. Donations to the trust are tax deductible.

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