January 18, 2014

Capturing Memories: Oral History in the Digital Age Workshop

Capturing Memories:
   Oral History in the Digital Age
         22 February 2014 
Saturday  22 February, 2014
                  9.30 am –       4.30pm
  Venue:  History House, 133 Macquarie Street,
                 Bookings essential limited to 30
  Cost:     $105
                 Oral History NSW & RAHS Members
                 All prices include GST

  Workshop fee includes morning, afternoon tea, and resource notes. Bring lunch or purchase

  This very popular and practical workshop will be led by experienced oral historian FRANCIS   GOOD  2013 winner of the Hazel de Berg Award for Excellence in Oral History, and ANDREW HOST who has been working with sound for over 30 years, particularly the transfer of analogue to digital.

  It is also an opportunity to enjoy meeting others who share your interest in preserving memories of the past.

For registration contact RAHS   9247.8001
 Download Registration Form

Enquiries:  Oral History Assoc NSW
  Tel: 8094.1239  

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