March 17, 2013

Kandos Bicentennial Industrial Museum

Attendees at the workshop on Collection Assessment  L to R Christine Hassall, Christine McMillan, Ann Finegan, (Margot Jolly - consultant), Marie Ford, Councillor Esme Martens, Denise Jamieson and Margaret Butler.
Kandos Bicentennial Industrial Museum is excited to announce that its reformed S355 Council Committee is dedicated to seeking new ways for the community to enjoy the museum. Plans are underway for the new gallery space to be used for workshops, travelling exhibitions and community meetings.

November this year will mark the 25th anniversary of Kandos Museum and an opening night event is planned to celebrate this and the new exhibitions that have been developed and constructed during the past two years.

A $6,000 grant was obtained by the committee from Museums & Galleries NSW to engage museum consultant, Margot Jolly, to lead the museum in an assessment of significance of the collection. 

A workshop was held on Saturday 9th March where 15 attendees from Kandos Museum, Gulgong Pioneers Museum and Rylstone District Historical Society began the process. 

 The next stage is for the most important or iconic items in the collection to be identified and their stories written down. Anyone who has knowledge about objects in the collection that are critical in telling the story of Kandos are invited to attend the museum at 22 Buchanan Street on Tuesday 2nd April 1 - 5pm or Wednesday 3rd April 9am - 1pm to participate. If you cannot make it on these days, please write down your stories of objects and drop them into the museum letterbox or email

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