December 24, 2012

Future Frameworks: Towards a Strategic Plan for the Visual Arts and Museum Sector in NSW 2011

The Future Frameworks: Towards a Strategic Plan for the Visual Arts and Museum Sector in NSW 2011 report has been released and makes for some interesting holiday reading for those of us engaged with the Museum and Gallery Sector. 

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The 2009 review of Museums and Galleries NSW (M&G NSW) recommended the development of a strategic plan for the sector. Implementing this key recommendation, Arts NSW commissioned Professor Amanda Lawson to undertake strategic research, a needs analysis and external consultation to inform the planning process.

The research was underpinned by a set of principles that reflect current trends and best practice in museum and gallery management. These emphasise the significance of living collections and heritage, creative programming, community engagement, technology and the importance of multiple interpretations and perspectives coexisting and breathing life into collections.

The research methodology included a desk review of state, national and international trends, issues and best practice, commissioned research on information communication technology as well as an extensive consultation process with sector stakeholders (including the use of electronic and hardcopy survey, key interviews with sector experts, a dedicated strategic planning workshop).

The findings highlight the need to develop the strategic plan within a management framework that prioritises sustainability, cultural innovation, and community participation, especially in regional and remote NSW. Further, stakeholders consistently articulated a vision for the sector that would ‘inspire, engage and connect communities through arts, culture and heritage’.
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