May 3, 2012

Get Involved With History Week! - Reminder

 Get Involved With History Week!

Register today!
Registrations for History Week 2012 are now open. 

The deadline for registration is 7 May 2012.

 History Week 2012 - 8-16 September

They wore what?! Long before the fashionistas of today decided 'the look', dress was an important element of human expression. From status to style, culture to professional identity, clothes have defined us. History Week 2012 will explore the history of threads and unpick the meaning behind the wardrobes of the past.

How to take part
In 2012 there are three ways you can be involved in History Week.

1. Host an Event
As always we will be inviting members to put on events during History Week that explore our theme. This could be a talk, tour, exhibition or even web based application- we're open to ideas! For your event to be eligible it will need to have a history focus, explore our theme and take place during History Week 8-16 September 2012. For more information visit our website

2. Receive a Speaker
In 2012 the History Council of NSW is able to fund speakers to travel local and regional organisations thanks to a grant from the Copyright Agency Limited. The talks will be filmed and published on our website - a great way to promote your organisation! For more information on the Speaker Connect program, presented in partnership with the RAHS, visit our website.

3. Register as a Speaker
Are you a professional historian who can speak to the theme of Threads?
Register as a speaker for History Week 2012 and we will cover your costs and pay you to travel to a regional or local organisation. A video of the talk will then be published on our website- a great way to raise your profile and reach new audiences!! For more information on the Speaker Connect program, presented in partnership with the RAHS,  visit our website.

N.B. RAHS members who are not members of HCNSW, but wish to partake in the
Speaker Connect program will be offered one year's complimentary membership
to enable them to participate. Simply fill out the registration form on our
website and let us know you are an RAHS member.
Register today!

For more information, please contact the History Council of NSW:
02 9252 8715 

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