January 12, 2015

Capturing Memories: Oral History in the Digital Age

Meet the presenters, both members of Oral History NSW:

Louise Darmody
Louise’s greatest passion and career goal is to record life stories.  Born into a family run hotel in north eastern Victoria, Louise learned at an early age the value of eliciting and sharing great yarns. She is very keen to help you record those stories that are so precious.

Prior to establishing Sound Memories which focuses on oral history and documentary-making, Louise worked for ABC Radio for 13 years as a news reporter, editor, program maker and producer. She has produced over thirty documentaries for individual and corporate clients and many of the original interviews from these projects are housed in the NSW State Library and the National Library of Australia.

Andrew Host 

Andrew has worked in the sound recording industry since 1980, and was active in sound recording and editing when analogue audio gave way to digital. In 1993, Andrew became a pioneer in CD recording, purchasing one of the first CD recorders in Australia. Andrew's current work includes digitisation from old audio and video formats and the preservation of old recordings.

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